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Being prepared against cyberattacks using an Incident Response Plan (IRP) ensures that your organisation has a united course of action when an incident occurs.

What Can You Expect

Creating an Incident Response Plan from ground-up can be extremely overwhelming especially when you have no idea how to start. To help with that, LogRhythm has put together a template that you can use to build your very own Incident Response Plan! 

Here is a quick sneak peek at what the template provides:

  • Purpose and Scope
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Contact Information
  • Incident Response Criteria
  • Incident Response Process Checklists
  • Incident Response Process Overview
  • Process Flowchart of Incident Response Handling

It is never late to start from somewhere! Bolster your defences against cyber criminals by downloading this template and creating a detailed IRP for your organization today.

Importance of an Incident Response Plan

Failure in addressing an incident quickly can result in financial losses and reputational damages.

During a cyberattack, time is ticking, and every second is precious. With an organised team with a clear understanding of the process, your organisation can respond to data breaches efficiently and swiftly. But to achieve that, there must be an IRP in place for teams to follow and stay on top of their game when handling cyberattacks.

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