Getting in the Security Flow with LogRhythm Axon

Improving security analyst and SOC team experience through event visibility and streamlined data workflows.

Discover How LogRhythm Axon Can Enable Your SecOps Team

Within cloud deployments, SaaS packages and API services, there are too many sources of logging and real-time event data coming in for mere mortals to make sense of it all. Not to mention, cybersecurity teams are eternally understaffed.

So how can your team get into a security “flow” that empowers them to reduce risk and keeps them happy in their job? 

It all starts with streamlining the analyst experience — and that’s where LogRhythm Axon comes in. The cloud-native SIEM platform streamlines threat investigation, detection, and response, and helps your analyst “get in the flow” with:

  • A common event ontology for meaningful metadata
  • Search-based threat hunting and scans
  • Zero-day behavioral modeling
  • Event-based data collection and enrichment
  • Multi-dimensional correlation
  • Data visualization 
  • Rule-based behavior mapping
  • Contextualized custom views

Ready to learn more? Download this analyst report, for more insight into how LogRhythm Axon simplifies the analyst workflow and makes it easier than ever before to defend against cyberthreats.