Cybersecurity Predictions for the Post COVID-19 World

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Unfortunately, the longer the crisis persists (and it may persist for years given current expert opinions), the less likely “returning to normal” becomes…We consulted with several cybersecurity experts on what they see for the post COVID-19 world. Here’s what they had to say…

James Carder

James Carder is Chief Security Officer & Vice President of LogRhythm Labs.

Attackers upping the scale with user-focused attacks.

“Attackers are not using terrifically novel, new tactics during this time. They are, however, significantly upping the scale of existing attack vectors (phishing and watering hole types), and attacks are increasingly user-focused. Business operations are more focused on capacity, availability, and maintaining a productive workforce, while security is looked at for exceptions and compensating controls. Additionally, as some companies were not prepared for the sudden switch to a remote workforce, they might have asked their employees to use their personal devices. Unfortunately, companies cannot monitor or control these devices, leaving the remote technology and subsequently, their company, vulnerable. Attackers will continue to realize the monetary benefits and disruption of user-focused attacks as remote technology becomes imperative for business continuity. Thus, we will see an increase of data breaches over the next few months caused by successful phishing attempts and personal devices being infiltrated.”