The Need for Predictive Tools is Greater than Ever

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The Need for Predictive Tools is Greater than Ever

  • Cybersecurity is undergoing massive shifts in technology and ML can play a vital role in this by capturing insights through its predictive capabilities.
  • Predictive analytics brings a new level of visibility to the security environment.
  • With the increase of data from multiple sources, security teams are facing new, as yet unknown, challenges.

With thousands of touchpoints in any given network, cybercriminals are effectively exploiting weak points on an almost daily basis.

As the Middle East continues to roll out new digital initiatives, such as the upcoming Saudi Vision 2030, cybersecurity demands an increasingly proactive approach.

To succeed in a rapidly expanding threat landscape and protect critical infrastructure, organisations in the Middle East need a greater focus on predictive cybersecurity to stay ahead. Machine Learning (ML) can enhance efficiency in an organisation’s ability to detect and mitigate security risks.