Work pass rules: Treading a fine balance


THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: How do you see the impact on industry and the economy of further tightening of work pass rules over time ?

Joanne Wong
VP, International Markets

Singapore has come into our own as a leading digital and manufacturing hub, but such rapid growth has always outpaced our runway of talent. We have then always had to strike a careful balance between tapping into the expertise of overseas professionals and our own talent pool.

The ongoing review of workplace policies is certainly merited, but we must be conscious to prioritise businesses’ access to quality talent. Specialised industries like cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI) are already facing a shortage of talent as it is, and we cannot afford to have any such limiting factors as we strive towards becoming a world-class hub. Now more than ever, we must double down on investing and nurturing local talent, who will be key in leading us to unlock our full potential and succeed on a global stage.