Introducing LogRhythm 7.2

Enabling End-to-End Threat Lifecycle Management

LogRhythm 7.2 Accelerates Cyber-Threat Detection and Response

The release delivers powerful innovations in performance, machine data intelligence, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and security automation and orchestration.

Threat Lifecycle Management Whitepaper

LogRhythm is soaring to new heights with their 7.2 release. They’re collaborating with customers and innovating with their security intelligence and analytics platform, and it shows.

Reduce TCO and Improve SecOps Efficiency

Our latest release minimizes total cost of ownership. It is more efficient than ever, delivering performance improvements of up to 200% at the data processing and indexing tiers. It also delivers many administrative workflow improvements, including automatic log source onboarding.

Frost & Sullivan: The TCO of SIEM

TCO of SIEM Whitepaper

Get the Intelligence You Need, Without the Noise

LogRhythm 7.2 extends our patented Machine Data Intelligence Fabric™, exposing new threat detection capabilities and further improving your forensic visibility into cloud infrastructure. Customers now receive advanced, out-of-the-box processing support for 785 data sources.

We handle the data processing so you can focus on security.

Cloud Monitoring Datasheet

Detect User-Based Threats with UEBA

Our User and Entity Behavior Analytics Module has been strengthened with new detection algorithms, tighter kill chain corroboration, and improved hunting dashboards. These enhancements help you address insider threats, compromised accounts, privilege abuse, and other user-based risks. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Datasheet

Realize Security Automation and Orchestration

LogRhythm 7.2 amplifies our embedded security automation and orchestration capabilities with workflow improvements and 20 new automated response actions.

Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) Solution Brief

One of our most powerful new enhancements gives you access to valuable threat intelligence from anywhere in the Web UI—with just one click.

LogRhythm runs more smoothly than ever before, and our upgrade was a breeze.

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