The 2016 SANS Security Analytics Survey

Discover how your peers are using security analytics to improve their risk posture

Security professionals are ingesting security data from all over their enterprises in an attempt to detect threats faster, according to the SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey. Despite the vast amount of data, organisations still lack the visibility they need to detect, scope and remediate threats in their enterprises. They need better analytics with machine learning to connect the dots to prevent future attacks.

The annual SANS Security Analytics Survey written by, Dave Shackleford, investigates how security analytics can and is helping organisations defend against cyber threats.

Download the survey to learn:

  • How your peers are using security analytics and intelligence to detect and respond to threat events
  • Roadblocks to effective implementation of analytics
  • Best practices of gathering, analysing and using security analytics to improve risk posture
  • The benefits of automated pattern recognition, machine learning and the importance of SIEM