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Making Sense of XDR, EDR, NDR and SIEM

XDR, EDR, NDR and SIEM are among the most prominent acronyms in cybersecurity. But what do they all mean, how do they work, and how do the technologies fit into your security portfolio?

Download this e-Book to get the answers you’re looking for with key insight from LogRhythm security experts.

Making sense of XDR, EDR, NDR, and SIEM e-book

Here's what to expect:

This e-Book translates an in-depth interview with Andrew Hollister and Jonathan Zulberg of LogRhythm hosted by Information Security Media Group. Read more to learn:

  • The differences among security platforms
  • How to decide when and how to deploy these technologies
  • Which product fits best in your security portfolio
  • LogRhythm’s consultative approach to security solutions

Meet our security experts

Andrew Hollister of LogRhythm

Andrew Hollister

As Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Hollister oversees the LogRhythm Labs team to research threats and deliver world-class security, compliance, intelligence, and operational risk content to protect LogRhythm customers from damaging cyberthreats, help them to meet their compliance needs, and reduce the risk to their organizations.

Jonathan Zulberg of LogRhythm

Jonathan Zulberg

As Vice President of Field Engineering in the UK, Zulberg has worked with and advised a large number of Fortune 500 and government organizations on global security improvement programs for over 12 years. He specializes in information security policy, SIEM, encryption, endpoint security, and email security. His current interests in the field include mitigating methods of data exfiltration.

Gain more insight into the cybersecurity tech stack.

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Let’s talk about your security needs and how we can help

LogRhythm is your cybersecurity ally. In this e-Book, you will learn more about trending technology solutions, and how we offer expertise to assess what solutions are or are not the best fit based on your needs. We provide a consultative approach to find the best possible outcome that matures your security posture and aligns with your organization’s business objectives, technology architecture, and the resources you have available.

“We try to drive our customers away from buzzwords and help them understand what benefit these technologies will bring to them. Sometimes a technology will not benefit you, and there’s no point in trying it.” – Jonathan Zulberg

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