Stop Network-Borne Threats

Learn how to Obtain Full Coverage Against Known and Unknown Threats with Network Detection and Response

The data flowing through networks is expanding more rapidly than you can imagine. It’s hard to keep up. In fact, many security teams admit that there are blind spots on their networks.[1]

To be effective, your security team needs complete network visibility to surface potential threats in your organization’s growing network traffic. But even after a threat is surfaced — then what? Does your team have the ability to respond to it rapidly?

In Network Detection and Response: Making the Impossible Possible, you will learn how an effective network detection and response (NDR) solution helps your team detect a threat and remediate it quickly — without adding more manual work.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • The problems with existing network security tools
  • How NDR works and what it can do for your security team
  • The detection and response capabilities of LogRhythm NetworkXDR
  • Sample NetworkXDR use cases

[1] Examining and Addressing Threat Detection and Response Challenges, ESG, Aug 21, 2019

Network Detection and Response White Paper
Download the Network Detection and Response: Making the Impossible, Possible white paper and learn how your team can obtain full coverage against known and unknown threats.

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