Network Monitor Freemium

Identify Emerging Threats on Your Network in Real Time

Transform your physical or virtual system into a network forensics sensor in a matter of minutes for free with NetMon Freemium. Your investigations will come together effortlessly with extensive corresponding metadata, full packet capture, and customizable advanced correlation.

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6 Ways to Use NetMon Freemium to Secure Your Network

Not sure where to get started with your new tool? View the SlideShare for 6 ideas of how to use NetMon Freemium to find threats on your network.

Rule Your Network

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True Application Identification: Identify over 3,000 applications to expedite network forensics using advanced classification methods and a commercial-grade deep packet inspection (DPI) engine.

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Full Packet Capture: Capture every bit crossing your network or use SmartCapture™ to selectively capture sessions based on application or packet content. All captures are stored in industry-standard PCAP format.

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Deep Packet Analytics (DPA): Continuously correlate against full packet payload and SmartFlow™ metadata using out-of-the-box rules and customizable scripts.

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Unstructured Search: Perform ad hoc analysis. Drill down to critical flow and packet data quickly. With our Elasticsearch backend, you have a “Google-like” search engine to streamline your investigation.

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Alerts & Dashboards: Perform continuous, automated analysis on saved searches to immediately detect when specific conditions are met, and then surface these instances through customizable analyst dashboards.

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File Reconstruction: Reconstruct email file attachments to support malware analysis and data loss monitoring.

NetMon Freemium vs. Full Commercial License

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NetMon Freemium provides the same functionality as a full Network Monitor license, but with limits on processing, packet storage, and data forwarding. All other features and functionality are enabled and usable, including unstructured search, deep packet analytics, packet capture, and more.

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NetMon Freemium Deployment Scenarios

To read more about the deployment scenarios, click on the images below:

On your own server:
For maximum performance

On a mini-PC:
For small and affordable deployments

Via a VM running on a laptop:
For capturing local traffic to/from your PC

Minimum Requirements for NetMon Freemium

For best results, a dedicated system that meets the requirements found in the FAQ is recommended. However, NetMon Freemium can be configured to run on a smaller footprint as described on the right.

NetMon Freemium is Linux-based. The NetMon Freemium installer includes CentOS 7.2 Minimal and Network Monitor.

  • Free disk space: 60 GB
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM recommended, 8 GB RAM minimum
  • CPU/Processor: 4 cores recommended, 2 cores minimum
  • Network Interface Controllers (NICs): 2 1Gbps NICs recommended, 1 1Gbps NIC minimum

As an early adopter, I’ve found that LogRhythm Network Monitor is one of the most compelling tools for analyzing traffic and is an excellent resource for analysis.

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