Become a LogRhythm Partner

Reseller Partner

Thrive as a LogRhythm partner. Join the LogRhythm Thrive Channel Program and build your business around the award-winning LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform. Benefit immediately from access to sales and technical training, free certifications, joint marketing funds, and financial incentives to help you grow your business profitably.

Thrive!™ Program Overview

The LogRhythm Thrive!™ Reseller Program is straightforward—rewarding partners who invest in representing LogRhythm’s solution and who jointly engage in opportunities.

Benefits of Partnering with LogRhythm

  • Simple and fair partner program
  • Aggressive product and service discounts and rebates
  • Deal registration program to protect your hard work
  • Local sales team support
  • Access to sales and technical materials through our partner portal and mobile app
  • Formal technical training and certification
  • Free field sales training
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Profitable security and integration services opportunities

To get started, create a LogRhythm account.

MSSP Partner

LogRhythm delivers an enterprise-class Security Intelligence Platform for Managed Service Security Providers. It arms organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. Powering your managed security and compliance operations with LogRhythm lets you reliably and efficiently deliver unified SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics.

LogRhythm is the right choice for your MSSP operation:

  • Industry-leading multi-tenancy capabilities to protect customer data
  • Flexible deployment options in a highly scalable architecture to accommodate growth
  • Centralized monitoring and management to simplify usability and maintenance
  • Volume-based pricing that directly aligns with MSP/MSSP business models