Curtis Huff Headshot

Curtis Huff

Security Analyst, WCF Insurance

I am the Security Operations Center for my company, with responsibilities that include administering, monitoring, and responding to the various alerting systems in our infrastructure. I also bear large responsibility for our security awareness program, conducting tests and providing training as needed.

I started at WCF Insurance in 2006 as a helpdesk technician, where my father worked as a mainframe administrator. When he retired, they offered me a role doing the same thing- largely, I believe, so that I could reach out to him for help if things ever went downhill. When the mainframe was going out the door, they offered me several positions, and I thank my lucky stars every morning that I ended up in security. I firmly believe that there is not another person in the company who enjoys their job as much as I do.

It would be fair to say that my skillset is generally more creative than technical, but it turns out that I’m kind of good at embracing the adversarial mindset. When a new system or process is in place, I love the process of asking myself “How would I get around this?”, and then laying the traps to detect it.