Dean Wyatte

Advanced Analytics Senior Engineer

My Role

I design and implement the machine learning algorithms that power LogRhythm’s next-generation advanced analytics platform. My work allows LogRhythm to adopt a data-driven approach in identifying interesting behavior from log data.

My Story

I have a longstanding interest in human and machine intelligence. I am a neuroscientist by training and have over 10 years experience in machine learning-related work. In my spare time, I am an avid mountain biker, skier, and all-around backcountry enthusiast.

My Philosophy

I like to build things that make sense out of complex data. This can inevitably lead to endless tweaks to algorithms and parameters, so I think it’s important to know what it means to be “done” with something. Then I can move on to building more things.

My Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Colorado Boulder

  • B.S. Computer Science, Indiana University Bloomington

My Twitter Handle