Joel Holsteen

Senior Software Engineer

My Role

As Senior Software Engineer on the CloudAI team, I work to improve and maintain CloudAI, LogRhythm’s cloud based behavioral analytics product. This entails everything from fixing bugs to developing next generation architecture. For the past year, I have investigated ways to improve CloudAI’s behavioral analytics and increase our efficiency at scale in the cloud.

My Story

I started my career at LogRhythm as one of the first interns in the engineering department. Immediately after graduating from college in 2015, I returned to join the team full time as an associate software engineer. Since then, I have been promoted to a software engineer and finally to my current role as a senior software engineer in 2018.

I have worked on CloudAI since the team was formed to provide a scalable cloud analytics product. My responsibilities have been varied, and I have helped design almost every part of CloudAI over the past three years.

I joined LogRhythm because I truly believe in the organization’s vision of offering world class security intelligence at scale. I am passionate about protecting networks from threats and expanding customers’ insights into their environment. I am particularly driven by analytics and exposing patterns in data that were previously difficult to understand.

Outside of work, I spend my free time programming. I enjoy problem solving and often find myself writing software to solve everyday problems I encounter. When I am not programming, you can find me hiking or playing board games with my wife.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign