Profile picture of Jordan Kent, LogRhythm Training Program Manager

Jordan Kent

Training Program Manager

My Role

As the Training Program Manger at LogRhythm, my job is to enable LogRhythm users and I manage several programs within the training department.

My Story

I started out as a technical instructor for our courses and have helped orchestrate some major changes to the department over the years. We transitioned from a startup “case-by-base” mentality to a focus on accessibility and scalability. One of my favorite programs is our EDU Partnership Program that is designed to bring LogRhythm certification training to university classrooms.

My Philosophy

Show up, try to have a good attitude, and try your best that day (which won’t always be very good and that’s ok). That’s 60% more than what 90% of the population is willing to do.

My Qualifications

  • 4+ years LogRhythm Technical Instructor
  • MBA in Finance, Colorado State University Global
  • BA, Colorado state University
  • 5 years United States Air Force
  • Associates of Technology, Community College of the Air Force
  • Associates of Instruction, Community College of the Air Force