Nicholas Reynders

Labs Analyst


My Role

As a Labs Analyst for LogRhythm Labs, I work with the Machine Data Intelligence team to continuously improve and enhance the core product. Whether I’m attending to bug fixes or updating AI Engine rules, my focus is enhancing the platform experience for users. I specialize in Web intrusions, SQL injection and regular expression matching.

My Story

I’ve always been interested in the cybersecurity field. In college, I studied Computer Science with an emphasis on Security.

Before joining LogRhythm in June 2015, I was a security intern at ReturnPath for three months.

Along with staying on top of security trends, I enjoy cooking, video games and getting out into the mountains every once in a while.

My Philosophy

Be like Greg. As I watch Greg Foss forge his way to the top of the list of security experts, I’m inspired by his ability to stay on top of industry news and understand vulnerabilities.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with an emphasis on security, University of Colorado

My Twitter Handle