Rob McGovern

Rob McGovern

Technical Product Manager

My Role

As a Technical Product Manager, I collect suggestions, define requirements, prioritize features and decide when “done” is really done for several engineering teams. I also create and deliver training material on new features for our sales and customer care teams. I engage regularly with our customers and prospective customers to determine the direction for LogRhythm products. Ultimately, my role is to make sure we build the right high quality solutions for our customers at the right time.

My Story

I started my professional career in an Orthopedic Research running research programs on surgery techniques, wrist motion, and sports equipment. I moved from Academia into technology joining a startup specializing in IT operations for computer networks. In the late 90’s, I moved to New York and joined a consulting company which led me into many business verticals including banking, retail and real estate. During my time with consulting companies, I also ran several support teams, managed hosted infrastructure for fortune 500 companies and developed a deep background in business intelligence, geographic information systems and business workflows. Immediately prior to LogRhythm, I specialized in working with public safety agencies to integrate multiple diverse data streams for national Fusion Centers and regional Real Time Crime Centers. At LogRhythm, I have pivoted into CyberSecurity and now focus on unlocking critical data to expose security, compliance and operational issues in our network infrastructure.

My Philosophy

Do the right thing because it’s the right thing. You don’t need any other reason.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California