Samir Jain

Director Product Management

My Role

As Director of Product Management I work to ensure LogRhythm is up to date on the latest market research and is successful in our product launches. I am primarily responsible for the management of the LogRhythm User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution and LogRhythm CloudAI. I oversee product positioning and direction, working closely with LogRhythm Engineering and Sales. I regularly analyze customer feedback and help turn that feedback into forward-moving product direction. At the end of the day, I make sure the LogRhythm UEBA solution and CloudAI are on track to perform at their best.

My Story

Prior to LogRhythm, I spent sixteen years with Avaya Inc., where I started my career as a software engineer/architect and later become a software development manager. I found the challenges posed by the overlap of technology and business to be intriguing and wanted to have a stronger hand in customer problem solving. As a result, I made the move to product management. At Avaya, I served as Senior Product Manager in their contact portfolio center and was responsible for the Avaya Aura Experience portal. I also managed Avaya products such as One-X and Remote Access.

In September of 2016, I transitioned to LogRhythm—a great security company right in my backyard. I found LogRhythm’s company culture be extremely attractive and wanted to help contribute to the LogRhythm story.

My Qualifications

Master of Computer Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln