Zubair Chowgale

Enterprise Sales Engineer

My Role

I work as an Enterprise Sales Engineer at LogRhythm. As an SE, I am responsible for all solutions architecting and responding to customers’ technical requirements and queries for LogRhythm. I also run demos and proofs of concept for prospects and customers to demonstrate the value that customers can derive from their purchase of the LogRhythm platform.

My Story

I carry 12+ years of experience in the IT Infrastructure space—most of which has been around network security. I have been focusing on mapping customer requirements to appropriate technologies that can help them achieve their business goals using technology. I have worked in different geographies throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. I have been focusing on pre-sales and solutions architecture for end-to-end IT infrastructure technologies for the past seven years. I joined LogRhythm in 2015 and am based out of LogRhythm’s META office in Dubai.

My Philosophy

Focus more on the technology before the product.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

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