LogRhythm Partners with REAL security to Enable Enterprises in the Adriatic Region to Detect and Respond to Cyberthreats

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The partnership expands LogRhythm’s footprint into south-east Europe and provides REAL security with world-leading security operations capabilities. 

Maribor, Slovenia 19 May 2022 — LogRhythm, the company helping busy and lean security operations teams save the day, has launched a strategic partnership with, REAL security, in the Adriatic region.

This partnership will provide organisations with much-needed security tools to enable a robust defence against emerging cyberthreats. Together REAL security and LogRhythm will strengthen the cybersecurity posture of organisations in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia. The strategic launch will provide public and private sector organisations with the security capabilities they require to protect against the expanding threat landscape.

“This year, we’re witnessing continuous evolution and advancing sophistication in the methods deployed by cybercriminals. They’re consistently using new tactics to launch more unpredictable attacks and as a result, organisations are having to ramp up their responses”, said Kev Eley, Vice President Sales, Europe, at LogRhythm. “LogRhythm is proud to support vertical industries to achieve optimised cybersecurity tools to defend against new risks. Our partnership with REAL security represents a significant milestone as we expand our focus across south-east Europe. Our solutions are ready to meet the challenges of organisations across a growing range of industries.”

REAL security has more than 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and a strong network of partners across a wide range of industries in the south-east Europe region. With LogRhythm’s threat detection, protection and mitigation solutions, they will focus on helping local companies narrow the cybersecurity gap and maximise business growth.

“As cyberthreats continue to impact businesses on a global scale, we recognise the current urgency to provide our customers in the Adriatic region with comprehensive solutions that match their changing security requirements”, said Matic Knuplež, Regional Director at REAL security. “Our top priority is to provide the highest quality products and services to our partners and their clients. Our partnership with LogRhythm ensures we achieve this and enables us to deliver new value within our target markets.”

LogRhythm’s security operations platform is built to provide unmatched visibility, protection and threat detection across all surface areas, systems and assets. Features include — but are not limited to — security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and network detection and response (NDR).

With intuitive, high-performance analytics and a seamless incident response workflow, LogRhythm’s security operations platform allows organisations to uncover threats faster, mitigate risks more efficiently, and produce measurable results. Companies across an expanding number of countries will benefit from the ability to identify, automate and remediate threats with agility.

About REAL security

REAL security d.o.o. is a value added distributing and engineering company that specialises in information security. Focusing on the needs of business users, it offers comprehensive, reliable and proven solutions. The company’s experts provide advanced consulting, planning, deployment and maintenance services for complex computer networks and sophisticated software solutions. For more information, please visit www.real-sec.com.

About LogRhythm

LogRhythm helps busy and lean security operations teams save the day — day after day. There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of security professionals — the reputation and success of their company, the safety of citizens and organisations across the globe, the security of critical resources — the weight of protecting the world.

LogRhythm helps lighten this load. The company is on the frontlines defending against many of the world’s most significant cyberattacks and empowers security teams to navigate an everchanging threat landscape with confidence. As allies in the fight, LogRhythm combines a comprehensive and flexible security operations platform, technology partnerships, and advisory services to help SOC teams close the gaps.

Together, LogRhythm and our customers are ready to defend. Learn more at logrhythm.com.