New Channel Toolkit from LogRhythm Helps Partners, Capitalise on Public Sector Compliance Initiatives

Maidenhead, 19 April 2011 – [LogRhythm], the company that makes log data useful, has launched a new toolkit for its UK business partners, helping them capitalise on the compliance regulations faced by UK public sector organisations. LogRhythm’s Protective Monitoring Partner Kit provides comprehensive information about the latest regulations affecting organisations connecting to Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) ICT systems, as well as how log management and security information event management (SIEM) solutions ease the compliance process.

All HMG organisations, including government departments, local authorities, police, fire, health and educations authorities, as well as many of the service providers and outsourcing companies that supply them, will soon need to comply with the Communications-Electronics Security Group’s (CESG) Good Practice Guide no. 13 (GPG 13), a framework for recognising and treating risks to ICT systems. GPG 13 stipulates that organisations should undertake Protective Monitoring of their infrastructures to understand how their networks are being used, spot unauthorised attempts to access information and help with post-breach forensics. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the public sector has a relatively poor track record for defending against breaches. Of the 1,007 data loss incidents reported to the ICO between 2007 and June 2010, 305 related to the NHS, 132 to local authorities, while a further 12 incidents occurred within central government.

Channel partners can meet the needs of these organisations by offering log management and SIEM solutions which monitor IT infrastructures in real-time, automatically alerting on any unexpected events and negating the need to manually trawl through log data generated by disparate IT assets. Providing a complete overview of the entire ICT estate, these solutions can also be used to improve the overall efficiency of IT operations, critical at a time when public bodies are faced with cuts to their budgets and headcount.

“Protective Monitoring helps avoid the stigma and fines associated with security incidents, but with IT budgets currently overstretched, there is a danger that it will be viewed by many organisations as just another overhead, and won’t get the priority it deserves,” said Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director, international markets, LogRhythm. “This toolkit will not only help our channel partners stress the critical role that Protective Monitoring plays in keeping networks both safe and compliant, it will also show how automated log management and SIEM solutions take the legwork out of compliance and provide vital intelligence into the effectiveness of everyday IT operations. These efficiency measures are bound to be well received by a sector that is continually being forced to deliver more value with less budget.”

LogRhythm’s Protective Monitoring Partner Kit comprises a wide range of information to help business partners market and sell solutions to the public sector. These include fully customisable mail shot campaigns aimed at different types organisation, sales and marketing materials, technical whitepapers and background information on GPG 13 as well as other regulations affecting the public sector.

LogRhythm operates exclusively via the UK channel, offering an enterprise-class platform that seamlessly combines log management, SIEM, file integrity monitoring, and network & user monitoring into a single, cost-effective solution. By automating the collection, organisation, analysis, archiving and reporting of all log data, LogRhythm enables organisations to rapidly meet today’s multiple compliance regulations.

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