Virgin Money Giving Logs on to LogRhythm for Network Security and Operational Efficiencies

Virgin Group’s new online fund raising service implements log management, analysis and event management solution for complete visibility and control of the network

21 October 2009 – Virgin Money Giving, the new not-for-profit online fund raising service from Virgin Money, has implemented a log management, log analysis and event management solution from LogRhythm, the company that makes log data useful. LogRhythm is providing Virgin Money Giving’s IT security team with unprecedented visibility of, and control over, the IT network so that any irregularities can be addressed immediately – before they risk impacting the business or its customers. Virgin Money Giving is revolutionising online fundraising by significantly reducing fees and not levying charges on Gift Aid.

In order to ensure the upmost security of its network and the sensitive data held on it, Virgin Money Giving has implemented a centralised log and event management system from LogRhythm. The choice followed a comprehensive assessment of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems as James Page, technical architect, Virgin Money explains:

“LogRhythm’s key differentiator was the pre-defined categorisation of log information into easily understandable events. This enables less skilled technical staff to gain a full insight into activities in technical environments. LogRhythm’s file integrity monitoring offering also makes it easier for support teams to be notified of file changes. Finally, as a not-for-profit business, we needed a solution which came in at the right price and LogRhythm did just this.”

Virgin Money Giving is using LogRhythm to consolidate the log information from its web and application servers as well as aggregate data from its extensive virtualisation platform. The log data gathered by LogRhythm is automatically passed to Virgin Money Giving’s IT security team, with any irregularities relating to unusual behaviour highlighted so that the team can respond and take immediate action.
James Page continues

“The fact that LogRhythm was delivered as an appliance containing all of the required rulebases and reporting packages meant that installation time was kept to a minimum. This was crucial as we were working to a very tight implementation timeframe to coincide with the planned launch date of Virgin Money Giving. The system has given us an unprecedented insight into what’s happening inside our servers which helps us run the network more effectively and efficiently. LogRhythm is proving to be invaluable, playing a central role in Virgin Money Giving’s ability to operate securely in the first place.”

Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director, LogRhythm EMEA, adds:
“We’re delighted that LogRhythm is so integral to the operation of a prestigious brand such as Virgin Money Giving. Like Virgin Money Giving, many organisations who originally install LogRhythm for SIEM purposes see additional benefits which not only improve network security, but help streamline the overall operation of the business – ultimately giving them that all important competitive edge.”

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