University of Westminster commences implementation of LogRhythm to enhance IT forensics and improve network stability

University of Westminster awards LogRhythm with log management, analysis and event management contract

11 March 2009 – The University of Westminster is implementing a log management, log analysis and event management solution from LogRhythm (, the company that makes log data useful. The University anticipates that the new solution will reduce the time taken to manage log data and perform IT forensics - ultimately improving network stability and up-time.

Formed in 1838 as Britain’s first polytechnic, the University of Westminster teaches more than 22,000 students undertaking degrees, Masters, research, professional programmes and short courses. With over 5000 computers on its computer network, the University’s IT department faces a huge challenge when it comes to managing the vast amount of log data generated on a daily basis. Lee Rose, information systems network manager, University of Westminster explains:

“We used to record and analyse the University’s log data manually but this took up a huge proportion of our IT resources. We recognised that a log management, analysis and event management solution would automate and significantly streamline this process and bring greater efficiencies to the IT department. We embarked on an extensive review process and conducted side by side testing of four solutions in our live environment. Following this exhaustive evaluation in a very complex educational environment, it soon became evident that LogRhythm lived up to our expectations for the solution and vendor service. For example, not only was LogRhythm best placed to operate across the University’s many IT platforms such as Novell, Unix and Microsoft, but it also offered a comprehensive and easy to use solution for IT forensics and reporting. LogRhythm also took the time to listen to our specific business requirements and develop the solution accordingly.”

Implementation of LogRhythm commenced at the end of February 2009. Prior to this, the University has been running LogRhythm in a proof of concept and is already seeing significant benefits, particularly from an IT forensic perspective. For example, in the case of the recent Conficker virus, the University used LogRhythm to view its entire network to see if the virus had infiltrated it and quickly established that there were no irregularities. Before LogRhythm, carrying out an investigation such as this would have been time consuming and labour intensive – regardless of a virus being present or not.

Rose concludes:

“By giving us greater visibility and control of our log data, we believe that LogRhythm will be central to providing the University with a cleaner and more stable network on which to work and study. LogRhythm will also make it quicker and easier to generate reports on network performance which, because they are graphical, can be easily understood by non-IT proficient members of the University staff. Finally, it will help ensure the University addresses regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS and improve all round IT efficiency. LogRhythm has already demonstrated a commitment to working with the University and we look forward to developing the solution further with the company as our needs change over time.”

Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director EMEA, LogRhythm adds: “Unlike many businesses that have been able to standardise on a single operating environment, the further education and higher education sectors typically have to run all of the available IT platforms which can make it hard to gain an integrated view across the entire network. Furthermore, without being able to see the complete picture, there is a greater risk that incidents will slip off the radar. Education establishments are recognising the value that LogRhythm can bring in helping them achieve greater IT efficiency and improved network security.”

About LogRhythm

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