Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Continuous security monitoring in the event of a disaster

 Many enterprises must adhere to disaster recovery policies to provide protection in case a primary site fails due to natural or man-made disasters. To support these policies, LogRhythm provides disaster recovery capabilities at each layer of the solution, including mirroring of the deployment configuration data, events and alarms to a secondary site. This allows for continued operation of LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform if the primary site is disrupted.

LogRhythm’s Disaster Recovery solutions are optimized to meet recovery objectives and minimize resource requirements. They provide an affordable option for enterprise business continuity planning while also providing continuous security monitoring.

LogRhythm Disaster Recovery Solutions

LogRhythm’s Disaster Recovery Solutions deliver:

  • Full operational support of LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform in case of a disaster
    • Synchronization of deployment management across separate sites through industry standard replication technology
      • Rollover of remote data sources, which forward data to secondary sites for seamless failover
      • Access to data, events and alarms with primary system configuration maintained at secondary site
  • Customizable recovery point objective (RPO) with minimal loss of data based on customer requirements
  • Low recovery time objective (RTO) for minimal service disruption
  • Manually initiated failover control through an automated process that leverages an existing DNS infrastructure

Key Features

  • Leverages existing components
  • Continuous database and login mirroring
  • No additional licensing requirements
  • Redundancy at every layer
  • Collection log management and event management
  • A single management console with centralized administration that is available from anywhere
  •  Customizable DR deployment options on a per device basis
  • Simple/optimized operation & configuration
  • Efficient bandwidth consumption with encrypted data transfers between sites
  • Supported as an add-on to an existing LogRhythm deployment

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