LogRhythm Enterprise

Build an Efficient, Scalable SOC with a Single Platform

Selecting a SIEM or security platform for your security operations center (SOC) is critical. It has to meet your immediate needs and it has to scale for your needs in the future. We believe your security platform shouldn’t require costly integrations or customizations to reach your goals.

Streamline Your Security Operations Workflow

Learn how LogRhythm can help reduce your team’s time to detect and respond to cyberthreats by streamlining your security operations. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) is an embedded feature that accelerates threat qualification, investigation, and remediation with incident response workflow and automated playbooks.

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Unified Threat Lifecycle Management

To enhance your team’s ability to detect and respond to threats, you must implement an end-to-end detection and response process—TLM. LogRhythm Enterprise helps you combine people, process, and technology to realize effective threat detection and incident response.

LogRhythm Enterprise delivers SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) in one unified solution.

Customize Your LogRhythm Enterprise Deployment

Both of our core products, LogRhythm XM and LogRhythm Enterprise, accelerate Threat Lifecycle Management. To meet your organization’s individual security needs, you can tailor your deployment with additional monitoring and analytics capabilities.

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Learn how LogRhythm delivers Threat Lifecycle Management by bringing together historically disparate security solutions into one unified platform in the Threat Lifecycle Management Framework white paper.

Speed and Scalability Matter

When your team is faced with evolving threats, rapid detection and response is critical. Your team needs actionable information in real time without getting bogged down with countless alarms.

SANS put LogRhythm’s Enterprise platform to the test to see just how scalable, fast, and accurate it really is. Read the full review to learn more.

Evolve Your Security Technology with a High-Performance, Flexible Architecture

No matter how large your environment, LogRhythm Enterprise fits your scalability and performance requirements. Our flexible component architecture delivers a variety of options with a building-block approach. Easily add functionality and scale capacity as your needs evolve.

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LogRhythm Enterprise Components

Data Collector

Provides local agent-based or remote agentless collection of machine data, including log messages, security events, and flow data.

Data Processor

Delivers patented, high-performance, distributed, and highly available processing of machine and forensic data received from data collectors, system monitors, and network monitors and then transforms this data into a contextualized form to create the Machine Data Intelligence Fabric that underlies our analytics and platform capabilities.

Data Indexer

Implements highly scalable indexing of machine and forensic data received from data processors and stores data in support of centralized search and forensic analytics.

AI Engine

Stream-based machine analytics technology provides real-time, automated analysis of contextualized machine and forensic data received from data processors to supports a variety of automated analytic techniques.

Platform Manager

Performs alarming, notifications, incident response orchestration, workflow automation and centralized administration, enabling centralized structured and unstructured search, forensic analytics, reporting, and real-time dashboards.

Analytics Modules

Includes pre-packaged content from LogRhythm Labs, such as machine analytics rules, searches, reports, and dashboards (e.g., compliance automation modules).

Customize Your Deployment

LogRhythm NetMon and NetMon Freemium

With LogRhythm NetMon, your team can perform deep packet inspection of network traffic for application identification, extraction of searchable application-level metadata, and full packet capture.

LogRhythm SysMon

LogRhythm SysMon is an agent-based sensor that independently monitors host-level activity, generating real-time forensic data to support your analytics-driven threat detection and incident response.

LogRhythm CloudAI

LogRhythm CloudAI accurately detects previously hidden threats, minimizes false positives, and provides rapid time-to-value with artificial intelligence. When applied to UEBA, your team can detect insider threats, compromised accounts, administrator abuse, and other user-based threats.

Uncover Actionable Data with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch-based Indexing

Give your team scalable machine data analytics to empower actionable intelligence for incident response. The active/active architecture puts high-performance security technology at your team’s fingertips to easily access the data they need, fast.

Reduce Time to Detect and Respond to Cyberthreats

LogRhythm Enterprise can drastically improve your team’s ability to detect and respond to advanced threats.