LogRhythm XM

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Solution in One Essential Package

Protect your environment with a simple, easy-to-deploy, and affordable packaged solution. With LogRhythm XM, you’ll realize a fast time to value and the full set of capabilities in a small footprint.

Explore what you can do with LogRhythm XM

See how LogRhythm can help put a stop to a phishing attack on your organization.

Solve Your Security Needs Today—Scale for Tomorrow

With our all-in-one appliance or software package, you can easily deploy and manage your security solution quickly to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Rest assured that as your security needs evolve, you can scale LogRhythm XM to any LogRhythm Enterprise configuration to protect your investment.

LogRhythm XM is the best solution for small-to-medium businesses or enterprise organizations that are seeking a simple, packaged solution.

LogRhythm XM provides the full functionality of the following components:

To tailor your deployment for your environment, you can easily add on the following components:

Choose the Right Solution for Your Environment

Many LogRhythm customers begin with a LogRhythm XM configuration. As your functionality requirements change, expanding into LogRhythm Enterprise can help your security solution grow with your business.

So how do you know which configuration is right for you today?

Achieve End-to-End Security with Threat Lifecycle Management

Sophisticated cyberattacks are compromising organizations at an unprecedented rate with devastating consequences. Prevention-centric approaches are no longer enough to keep attackers out.

The Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) framework provides an end-to-end detection and response workflow for your security team. Learn how to enable effective TLM at any size or scale.

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Schedule your custom demo with an expert and learn how LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform can help you detect and respond to security threats faster and with greater accuracy.