Get to Know LogRhythm 7.3

Get the most out of the latest release!

January 19 · 2019 · 7:00PM EST · MTV Headquarters

LogRhythm 7.3 will help your team realise measurable efficiency gains via workflows and automating administrative tasks. It also proves the performance of your programmes with metrics. This new release enables your LogRhythm platform to serve as a data lake to empower big data analytics. The release is now available on the LogRhythm Community.

LogRhythm 7.3 drives measurable efficiency gains

LogRhythm 7.3 gives your admins the ability to:

With these new updates, your analysts will be able to:

By using LogRhythm 7.3, SOC managers and security leaders gain measurable program performance metrics, including:

If you would like a refresher on how to update your LogRhythm platform with LR 7.3, register today!

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1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
January 19 · 2019
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