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SOCs Grow Up to Protect, Defend, Respond: Results of the 2017 SANS Survey on Security Operations Centers, Part 1

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1:00 PM EST

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It takes a village to protect today's networks from cyber threats, and today's security operations centers (SOCs) represent villages unto themselves, with many different roles and technologies supporting multiple, complex tasks and often spanning geographies. Whether in-house or in the cloud, SOCs are maintaining prevention and detection systems and monitoring hosts, the network and the Web for vulnerabilities. Increasingly, SOC functions are converging with intelligence, threat hunting and other emerging processes to aid in prevention and response.

In this first part of a two-part webcast, join SANS principal instructor, Chris Crowley, and LogRhythm’s James Carder (CISO), who will share the results of SANS' first survey on security operations centers.

Attend this webcast and learn about trends in SOCs, including:

  • SOC architecture, preparedness, staffing and capabilities
  • Level of automation and integration between prevention, detection and response
  • What types of organizations are using cloud-based SOC services vs in-house
  • A SOC's relationship with IT Ops