SANS 2017 Incident Response Survey

Discover the Incident Response Capabilities of Your Peers

Cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated and motivated. Facing the onslaught of attacks, incident response (IR) teams continue to defend their organizations. The good news? Results show that not only did IR teams meet the attackers head on, but they also improved from 2016.

This SANS annual survey provides insight into the IR processes and functions of organizations spanning a variety of environments. As well as, offers guidelines and feedback on how IR teams can continuously improve.

Download the survey to learn:

  • The maturity of your peer’s IR processes and functions
  • Types of attacks experienced and nature of the breaches
  • Time needed to detect, contain, and remediate breaches
  • The future of IR teams and metrics being used to measure performance
  • Opportunities to mature and improve IR capabilities
SANS 2017 Incident Response Survey image