SANS Women in Cybersecurity Survey

Spanning the Career Life Cycle

What roles are women playing in cybersecurity today?

SANS explores this very question as part of an in-depth survey exploring how women are entering and advancing in the cybersecurity field. Respondents spoke about topics ranging from breaking into the field and gaining career momentum to choosing a specialty and remaining relevant.

In this survey, SANS provides lessons learned and advice for how women in cybersecurity or those who want to enter this field can lay a foundation to ensure success.

Read the full survey to learn SANS’ findings, which include:

  • 41% of respondents credited being in the right place at the right time for rising into senior or leadership positions
  • 16% of respondents were hired immediately after finishing undergraduate degrees
  • On-the-job experience and certification far outweighed graduate degrees in terms of training
  • Mentorship is gender-neutral

Download the survey to learn more about how women are getting ahead and obtaining leadership roles in the cybersecurity community.

SANS Women in Security Survey