Demo: Gain Visibility and Threat Detection Across Hybrid Environments

Watch how a SOC team uses a cloud SIEM to easily ingest log sources, monitor activity, and detect cyberthreats.

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The Key To Securing Hybrid Environments

Securing hybrid environments is challenging. As businesses evolve, changing IT environments can lead to vulnerabilities that threat actors exploit. It’s critical for security teams to have proper visibility, tools, and processes that protect the organization, while also enabling the company’s growth. 

If you’re tasked with defending your business — especially with limited resources — you need a quick and easy solution to consolidate data from a wide variety of disparate systems and to secure your critical assets from cyberattacks.

In this demo, watch how a bank’s security team uses a cloud-native SIEM to quickly adapt and secure a changing IT environment, while the business undergoes an acquisition. In this potential real-word scenario, observe how:

  • The security team onboards LogRhythm Axon to automatically collect data from SaaS, self-hosted cloud, and on-prem agents
  • LogRhythm’s Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric contextualizes and parses all logs across different data sources
  • SIEM dashboards and visualizations help analysts understand threat activity happening across the hybrid environment
  • The team uses automatic Case Management to collaborate with others and speed up the velocity of incident response
  • An analyst drills down through the Single Screen Investigation to make threat investigation faster and more accurate
  • To stop a threat actor from achieving persistence by responding to an out-of-the-box detection mapped to MITRE ATT&CK technique: Registry Run Keys / Startup Folder (ID: T1547.001)

SOC team using SIEM solutions

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