Security Intelligence in the Public Sector / SLED

Defending the Security of State, County and Higher Education

As state agencies, county and city agencies and military branches grow more dependent on systems and communications in cyberspace, defending the underlying infrastructure and information is essential.

Enormous annual investments in cybersecurity have resulted in an overly complex security infrastructure that sometimes fails to detect malicious intrusions in a timely manner. This is largely due to disjointed intelligence, alert overload, and a dearth of skilled cybersecurity practitioners.

Security intelligence can simplify your organization’s approach by unifying and analyzing disjointed data in order to surface important threats and providing automated response capabilities.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • How to increase the value of your investment in security technology
  • How to alert on true threats quickly
  • How to increase your organization’s security maturity
  • How to meet compliance requirements
Security Intelligence in the Public Sector SLED