Security Operations Maturity Model Self-Assessment

Understand your current level of security operations maturity and how to improve your security posture in a staged and ongoing manner.

Maturity Level — 1: Minimally Compliant

Based on your selections, your organization’s resilience is currently Level 1: Minimally Compliant. At this level of maturity, your level of security operations investment has likely been driven by compliance, including identifying compliance risks.

While you have visibility into threats targeting your environment, your organization may lack the people and process required for effective threat detection and prioritization. Your organization has been effective in reducing compliance risk, but it is still blind to most insider and external threats, as well as advanced persistent threats (APTs).

It’s unlikely that your organization has a formal incident response process; instead, it is more likely that individual employees are responding to incidents via heroic efforts.

Use the Model to Mature Your Security Operations

Knowing your current Security Operations Maturity Model level is just the first step. Now that you know where you are, download the model and use it as a planning tool to understand your next steps to reach your target goal of resilience.

Download the white paper to review the full maturity matrix, characteristics of each level, and how to achieve your goals.

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