LogRhythm CIS Critical Security Controls Module

Strengthen your security posture and reduce risk

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has developed the top 20 Critical Security Controls (CSC) to help IT professionals protect their environment against both external and internal attacks. The controls are a set of actionable recommendations for cybersecurity and should serve as a foundation for organizations looking to strengthen their security posture and reduce risk.

As the CIS Controls provide guidance addressing major areas of cybersecurity, they are frequently used as a starting point by organizations seeking compliance with many common compliance mandates, such as:

Take the guesswork out of compliance

LogRhythm makes it easy to adhere to the Critical Security Controls with our CIS Critical Security Controls Module. With pre-built reports, AI Engine rules, investigations, and tails, you’ll quickly be able to address key controls. Fully integrated with the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform, the module is a foundational framework upon which you can build your compliance program.

The LogRhythm CIS Critical Security Controls Module offers several important capabilities to help you:

  • Collect and parse data from across your environment
  • Establish a framework to meet and exceed your compliance requirements
  • Easily customize rules and alerts to fit your organization’s unique IT environment and policies
  • Gain 24×7 real-time enterprise-wide visibility
  • Generate reports to easily document evidence of compliance

LogRhythm and the CIS Critical Security Controls Module offer the most comprehensive solution to help you strengthen their security posture and reduce risk. LogRhythm customers can download this module’s documentation on Community.

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