Industries Overview

Keep your organization on top of threats and out of the headlines. LogRhythm helps protect against advanced cyberthreats, meet industry-specific compliance objectives, and gain actionable insight into your IT environment.

Banking & Finance

Prebuilt compliance automation helps you meet stringent PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA compliance requirements.

Energy & Utilities

Meet detailed security compliance requirements, including NERC CIP, NRC, and NEI—even with difficult-to-collect-from SCADA devices.

Health Care

LogRhythm protects your patient data and helps you meet your extensive compliance requirements, including HIPAA, HITECH, and state regulations.

DoD & Federal Sector

Learn how deep visibility and insight delivered by LogRhythm’s platform empowers agencies to secure their environment and comply with regulatory requirements.

State & Local Government / Education (SLED)

Explore how Threat Lifecycle Management protects state and local governments, as well as education institutions, from cyberattacks.

Retail & Hospitality

Protect your business from costly breaches and meet today’s extensive retail compliance requirements with LogRhythm.