Cloud Security and Monitoring

Moving your business information to the cloud helps your organization realize lower costs, free up capital, and increase flexibility. However, using cloud services may make your corporate data easier to access by threat actors.

It’s critical to monitor your cloud infrastructure, the rest of your distributed IT environment, and cloud applications in an integrated manner to rapidly detect and neutralize security threats.

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Secure Your Cloud

You need to have the same level of centralized security analytics for cloud infrastructure and applications as you do for your on-premises solutions. Monitor your cloud-based infrastructure with the LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management Platform to:

  • Gain visibility into cloud authentication and access activity
  • Monitor and control access to cloud services
  • Receive alerts based on suspicious cloud usage
  • Report out on access, usage, and modifications

LogRhythm offers several ways to set up monitoring, depending on your architecture and needs:

Virtual Data Collectors in the Cloud
  • Offers remote, high-performance collection of all machine data including log messages, application data, security events, and network flows.
System Monitors Running on Virtual Machines
  • Deployable on individual virtual machines capturing local log data (e.g., flat files) and providing endpoint forensic monitoring.
Cloud-Based API Support
  • Offers remote collection of audit logs from cloud services provided via API.

Simplify Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

Gain end-to-end visibility into your cloud services within a single pane of glass. With LogRhythm, you’ll continuously collect, normalize, and analyze rich SaaS forensic data from your cloud deployments and your broader, distributed IT environment.

  • Gain a global view into user behavior—both on-premises and in the cloud—with centralized security analytics.
  • Incorporate cloud services/apps into prepackaged security analytics modules, including extensive User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).
  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud security through the LogRhythm platform’s ease of configuration, operation, and management.
  • Quickly and easily meet your organization’s compliance requirements.

Learn More About Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring Datasheet

Protect Your AWS Environment

It’s easy to achieve cloud security in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment with LogRhythm.

With LogRhythm, your AWS data is combined with other data. This data then is correlated and analyzed using machine analytics to detect anomalies and corroborate potential threats and to baseline normal behavior patterns.

This analysis allows you to monitor your AWS services and be alerted on suspicious activity, keeping your data and resources secure.

What’s Collected

  • AWS Config: Configuration change, resource allocation
  • AWS CloudTrail: Audit-level logging for AWS activity
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Monitor AWS resources and applications (metrics and alarms)
  • AWS S3 Server Access: File access, file removal, changes

LogRhythm For Azure Monitoring

LogRhythm can collect Microsoft Azure IaaS logs via Azure Log Integration (AzLog). Azure provides a wide variety of events including control/management logs, auditing when any Azure Resource is created, updated, or deleted.

Using the same log integration used to collect Azure IaaS logs, customers can also gain insight into their Azure PaaS environment. This integration provides a plethora of log data for visibility into the cloud environment.

Event logs from Azure VMs are treated just like on-premise Microsoft Event Log sources, parsing out fields such as the Event ID and Host. This enables correlation and analysis between the on-premise and cloud infrastructures in hybrid environments.

Additional Cloud Monitoring

Other IaaS and Paas solutions, such as SoftLayer, Terremark, and Rackspace, can be monitored through LogRhythm System Monitor Agents (SMA).

Use Case
  • Configure static SMAs to remotely collect Event Log (Windows) or Syslog (*nix) from any OS in the environment.
Use Case
  • Leverage Virtual Machine templates to automatically deploy new System Monitor Agents dynamically.
  • In addition to Event Log/Syslog collection, this has the added benefit of Endpoint Monitoring, critical in compliance scenarios (such as PCI).
Use Case
  • SMAs can be managed centrally and in bulk from the LogRhythmConsole, enabling you to apply templates and upgrade your entire environment.

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