October 2023 Quarterly Launch Webinar

October 2023 Quarterly Launch

As your committed cybersecurity partner in an ever-evolving threat landscape, we know that offering features that enhance the productivity and onboarding processes for security analysts is as important as ever before. This quarter, LogRhythm’s product releases are focused on bringing…

The Cybersecurity Brew, Ep. 7

  From data breaches to cutting-edge technologies, we’re bringing you the latest bits of cybersecurity news that should be in your radar. Boost your cybersecurity knowledge while enjoying a virtual brew of the latest headlines and insights that are impacting…

Ransomware: How to Detect Attacks Before They Become Catastrophic

Register for our free webinar to gain crucial insight from seasoned experts on ransomware anatomy, warning signs, proactive defense strategy, and swift incident response technique. Don’t risk your data and digital security!

Here’s What Zero Trust Really Means

Zero trust functions on the main principle that everything is a threat that must be verified before gaining access to anything in your company’s databases. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about zero trust and how to quickly implement your strategy!

July 2023 Quarterly Release Webinar

July 2023 Quarterly Launch

LogRhythm is excited to announce our fifth consecutive quarterly product innovations! In this webinar, learn more about our recent updates, including: • LogRhythm SIEM 7.13 and the high-performance JSON parsing engine for high-rate log ingestion. • LogRhythm NDR’s customization abilities…

In the News, part 6, Webinar

In the News [Part 6]

Want to hear about the biggest security headlines directly from industry leaders? “In the News” is a webinar series that provides expert advice on navigating and understanding the ever-changing threat landscape. Keep up to date with the latest and most…

In the News [Part 5] Webinar

In the News [Part 5]

Join Jake Haldeman and Mike V. on this on-demand webinar to keep up with the latest cybersecurity headlines and what you can do to defend against these perils with LogRhythm!

First Line of Defense: The State of the Security Team

Join LogRhythm CISO Andrew Hollister and LogRhythm deputy CISO Kevin Kirkwood to learn more about the state of the security team and how to maximize your team’s efforts to increase security and productivity.