Person on lap top hunting for threats

Improving Threat Detection Using LogRhythm SmartResponse with Lists to Monitor IOCs

As a security professional, you know all too well the need to continually improve your threat detection techniques and skill set. With today’s expanding attack surface and hackers becoming more sophisticated in their infiltration methods, building a stronger defense is…

Man working on computers at home

LogRhythm and Zscaler Partner to Streamline Website Access Control

As cybercrime continues to grow, your network’s security remains a top priority. To protect your network from potential threats, better access control over your network is paramount. Without it, you could be leaving your organization vulnerable to threats. To help,…

LogRhythm and Netskope integration for blacklisting URLs

Automate URL and File Blacklisting with Netskope and LogRhythm

While many organizations focus on outside threats, network security shouldn’t be neglected. Having greater visibility into the websites people are searching and the files they are downloading in your network should be a priority. To strengthen your network visibility, LogRhythm…