Case Studies

EMW | Law

UK law firm EMW recognized the need to implement a more centralised logging and alerting solution to identify and mitigate potential threats. With LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform, EMW has a single view across their entire security estate.

Sera-Brynn | Cyber Security

Cybersecurity audit and advisory firm Sera-Brynn required a traffic analytics and network forensics solution that provided faster analysis, quick results, intuitive features, and easy set-up in the field. The solution: LogRhythm Network Monitor.

Large Retailer | Retail

A large retail company suspected a data breach had occurred, resulting in exfiltrated customer credit card numbers. The retail organization brought in LogRhythm’s Forensic Co-Pilot Services team to assist the PFI firm in its investigation, saving valuable time.

Global Retailer | Retail

This global retailer faced the challenge of analyzing a complex IT infrastructure with multiple data inputs. Applying LogRhythm's AI Engine and Security Analytics, the company was able to immediately centralize and begin analyzing their data.