Case Studies

Sera-Brynn | Cyber Security

Cybersecurity audit and advisory firm Sera-Brynn required a traffic analytics and network forensics solution that provided faster analysis, quick results, intuitive features, and easy set-up in the field. The solution: LogRhythm Network Monitor.

Large Retailer | Retail

A large retail company suspected a data breach had occurred, resulting in exfiltrated customer credit card numbers. The retail organization brought in LogRhythm’s IIR Services team to assist the PFI firm in its investigation, saving valuable time.

Global Retailer | Retail

This global retailer faced the challenge of analyzing a complex IT infrastructure with multiple data inputs. Applying LogRhythm's AI Engine and Security Analytics, the company was able to immediately centralize and begin analyzing their data.

Alliant | Finance & Lending

With LogRhythm's flexibility and ease-of-implementation, Alliant was able to automate common fraud detection patterns, build predictive security capabilities, and centralising disparate data critical to fraud detection and prevention.

EPC | Information Technology

Initially deployed to meet security and compliance needs, EPC further tapped into LogRhythm capabilties, improving IT operational processes with log centralization and alert customization.