Security Spot

Streamline SecOps and Measure KPIs with LogRhythm Security Automation and Orchestration

When it comes to protecting your organization, the speed that you can detect and respond to a threat is crucial. Measuring the time to detect (TTD) and time to respond (TTR) is nearly equally as important. Capturing and understanding these key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital, because they quantify progress towards goals and help identify areas of improvement. In the latest release of LogRhythm, we’ve added an awesome feature that automatically generates and reports the TTD and TTR for a

Passive Discovery and Exploitation of Open SMB Shares

Server Message Block (SMB) shares are a critical component to most organizations—allowing for a central repository of files and other items that people need to access and share to do their jobs. As a security professional, it is critical that you identify these vulnerabilities within your environment and lock them down.

User Threat Detection—There’s a Module for That

End-user behavior can be difficult to baseline and monitor. Where traditional analytics and perimeter defenses fall short, LogRhythm’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities add an additional layer of security enabling the rapid detection of dangerous user activity.

Cybersecurity Advice for President-Elect Trump: Maintain Bi-Partisan Momentum and Step on the Gas

As Donald Trump prepares to assume the presidency, cybersecurity strategy should be high on his priority list. Timing is of the essence, as those who want to cause harm are not taking a hiatus as our country moves through this massive transition of power. To ensure the safety of our country, our citizens, and the operation of our financial and critical infrastructure, I strongly recommend President-Elect Trump support the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) enacted by President Obama in February 2016.