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How to Sell Your Cybersecurity Strategy to the Board: An Interview with James Carder

Today most boards are well aware that cybersecurity is an important issue. But being able to convince them that your cybersecurity strategy is the right one, establish buy-in, and win their budget allocation is not always an easy task. In this interview, James Carder—LogRhythm CISO—shares his experience with executing a successful cybersecurity presentation to the board.

Making Sense of IoT Data

To show you the power of IoT data, I have assembled some data samples and generated a couple common IoT use cases in our LogRhythm Demo Lab. Let’s take a look at a couple of use cases.

Streamline SecOps and Measure KPIs with LogRhythm Security Automation and Orchestration

When it comes to protecting your organization, the speed that you can detect and respond to a threat is crucial. Measuring the time to detect (TTD) and time to respond (TTR) is nearly equally as important. Capturing and understanding these key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital, because they quantify progress towards goals and help identify areas of improvement. In the latest release of LogRhythm, we’ve added an awesome feature that automatically generates and reports the TTD and TTR for a