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Using Facebook’s osquery for Monitoring and Response

Real-time visibility is key to completely understanding the current state of your IT infrastructure. In October 2014, Facebook made low-level operating system monitoring easier by releasing their endpoint and server security monitoring tool, osquery, as an open-source project. The project was developed to be operating-system agnostic. This means that it can operate on Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX. By exposing collected data via Structured Query Language (SQL), a request for information on Windows works the same as it does on

How to Sell Your Cybersecurity Strategy to the Board: An Interview with James Carder

Today most boards are well aware that cybersecurity is an important issue. But being able to convince them that your cybersecurity strategy is the right one, establish buy-in, and win their budget allocation is not always an easy task. In this interview, James Carder—LogRhythm CISO—shares his experience with executing a successful cybersecurity presentation to the board.