On-Demand Webcasts

Understanding Your Company's Cybersecurity Risk Profile

This on-demand webinar discusses the costs of recent data breaches and teaches you the best ways to determine your organization’s cyber risks. You’ll also discover the security tools and processes you can implement to strengthen your security operations.

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Finding Bad Things on Your Network Using Free Tools

For the threat hunter on a budget; Rob McGovern joins John Strand, of Security Weekly, to teach you how to collect and analyze network traffic with free tools. Want to get started on a hunt team and discover the *bad things* on your network?

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Prevent Major Data Breaches with Threat Lifecycle Management

In this on-demand webcast, Seth Goldhammer, senior director of product management at LogRhythm, explains what Threat Lifecycle Management is and demonstrate how the end-to-end security workflow helps reduce your mean time to detect and respond to cyber threats.

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