The Security First Guidebook

Your guide to creating a security-first culture in your organization

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Get started with your cybersecurity awareness program

With cyberattacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, now is the time to push for greater security awareness and budgetary support to shift your entire organization towards a security-first mindset.

LogRhythm created a guidebook to provide you with cybersecurity awareness training tips and practical steps to build a security-first culture across the enterprise, including how to:

  • Develop a security-first awareness strategy
  • Leverage advocates to create an effective awareness program
  • Obtain program funding from the CFO
  • Present on cybersecurity awareness training to executives
  • Promote and reinforce your security awareness program

By building a security-first culture, your company will reduce risk to the organization and increase trust with business partners and customers. Download The Security First Guidebook to get started today!