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The State of the Security Team 2022

Cybersecurity has become a business imperative; however, the demands from customers, partners, and government regulators continue to overwhelm security teams.

In this 2022 global research report, discover compelling cybersecurity statistics that indicate the current stressors security professionals face and ways they overcome them.

The State of the Security Team

Learn about key cybersecurity team statistics and trends

In 2020, LogRhythm’s State of the Security Team research found significant misalignment between executives and their security teams; only 43% of respondents indicated they received enough support with regards to budget, strategic vision, and buy-in. 

In contrast, 2022 research concludes executive teams are more informed and educated about cybersecurity. As a result, executive support nearly doubled over the last two years. In fact, 83% of respondents said they now receive enough executive support, indicating a significant improvement in understanding the importance of cybersecurity and alignment between executive leadership and their security teams.

With executive support rising, what are the latest challenges security teams face and how can they overcome them? Learn more from our latest research report!


Can you relate to these findings?

  • 91% admit their company’s security strategy and practices must align to customers’ security policies and standards.
  • 67% admit to losing deals by failing to meet specified security requirements from customers and partners.
  • 77% of executive participants stated employee turnover compromises security team effectiveness.
Discover additional metrics and data points in our comprehensive research report.

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About the research methodology

LogRhythm partnered with Dimensional Research, a leading independent research firm, to conduct a global survey of 1,175 security professionals and executives. 

The respondents consisted of security and IT professionals at medium to enterprise companies representing all seniority levels. All participants had enterprise security responsibilities. Participants were from five continents representing a global view.

The research investigates security solution capabilities, deployment strategies, security and the value of tool consolidation. The survey also includes insightful data collected by LogRhythm and Dimensional Research in 2020 to establish trends.

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