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Discover PowerShell Scripts and NetMon DPA Rules

There are plenty of great insights you can uncover through the use of LogRhythm SmartResponse™ PowerShell scripts and NetMon Deep Packet Analysis (DPA) rules. In the latest edition of Trending on Community, see real world examples of how you can leverage SmartResponse scripts and DPA rules.

Using SmartResponse to Send Custom Email Alerts

In this post, LogRhythm Community member, John Bange, provides a PowerShell script, xml, and source code to get you started ( This custom script, will allow you to send personalized messages to your security team whenever an alert occurs. The automatic alerts can l be sent based on specific alert priority levels.

Being able to highlight anomalous event via a customized email will help your team quickly recognize a threat amongst an influx of data. When seconds count, these alerts save precious time and help effectively defend your network from a cyberattack.

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Prebuilt NetMon DPA Rules

Dive into domain queries and increase overall network security through use of NetMon DPA rules. These rules enable you to determine if a domain has been previously queried, obtain the registration date of a queried domain, and more. LogRhythm Community user, jhl_hb, has shared a number of useful NetMon DPA rules to get you started. Implement these rules to achieve real-time network visibility and enhance network security.

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