Introducing LogRhythm’s True Unlimited Data Plan

Cybercriminals have breached more than 3.2 billion records in 2019 thus far,1 “primarily as a result of leaving databases accessible to third parties and failing to protect them.” If the volume of data in your environment is expanding exponentially, you might be surprised to see the cost of your SIEM contract rising each year. Or even worse, you could be forced to make the difficult — and risky decision — of which data not to protect to stay within your budget.

Starting now, you don’t have to.

With LogRhythm’s new True Unlimited Data Plan, you can scale with confidence. Pay one price — and only one price for your entire contract — to protect all your data, users, and systems, even if those numbers increase year to year.

“Not only does LogRhythm’s unlimited data plan allow CISOs to free themselves of these restrictions, but it also lets them do so at a consistent price point. They don’t have to continuously ask their board for increasing amounts of money that doesn’t even allow them to protect everything in their environment.”

Vinu Thomas
CTO Presidio

With Business Success Comes Security Challenges

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We all want our organizations to be successful. But when you are responsible for the security of that organization, growth brings a host of challenges.

  • Increased headcount: More people means more data. And more opportunities for social engineering or insider threats.
  • Infrastructure growth: Adding networking and hardware increases your log volumes.
  • Increased revenue: The more your organization is worth, the larger the target it becomes.
  • Modernization of IT infrastructure: Modern tools generate more data than legacy equivalents.
  • Cloud-first initiatives: Apps in the clouds generate more logs.

While growth is the goal, it makes the job of a CISO much more difficult. Restrictive SIEM pricing models exacerbate this problem.

“To be successful, CISOs and their teams should be focused on protecting their company from damaging cyberthreats, armed with the visibility and data to do so effectively. They shouldn’t be worrying about how much data they’re consuming and how that will reflect on their overall bill.”

James Carder
CISO & VP of LogRhythm Labs

Make the Switch to Unlimited Data

You know you need to analyze a broad data set to properly defend your organization. If you only ingest a subset of data sources, you’re not getting the entire picture.

What if you didn’t have to choose between visibility and making your CFO happy? With the LogRhythm True Unlimited Data Plan, you can have peace of mind that you can add additional data sources to achieve complete visibility, implement new uses cases, and scale as you grow — no tiers, fine print, or contract surprises.

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