Forrester’s Zero Trust Model

Discover how to apply Forrester’s security architecture and operations playbook to defend your organisation

At one time, you were able to defend your organisation from cyberattacks by strengthening your perimeter. But the perimeter is disappearing as your organisation moves into the cloud.

To answer this challenge, Forrester provided a security architecture and operations playbook in its paper: Defend your digital business from cyberattacks using Forrester’s Zero Trust Model.

But what is Zero Trust? This paper provides a model for how security teams should redesign their networks into secure “microperimeters” to strengthen data security.

A Zero Trust Model will enable you to:

  • Reduce the chances for breaches
  • Reinforce customer trust through security and privacy
  • Isolate sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Accelerate threat investigations
  • Strengthen your company’s reputation

Download the report to discover if the Zero Trust Model is right for your business and the steps you can take to implement this approach.