The essential guide to next-generation SIEM

Discover what separates next-gen SIEM from traditional SIEM.

Your SIEM is the foundation of your security tech stack.

As the focus of your security operations, it gives you the ability to detect and respond to the cyberattacks that threaten your organisation.

Is your SIEM solution evolving in line with the threat landscape?

The attacks that security teams face with are increasingly sophisticated. Analysts often suffer from alarm fatigue and are unable to adequately respond to everything.

With so much data, first-generation SIEMs are creaking at the seams.

Next-generation SIEM offers a range of essential capabilities which provide better visibility and dramatically reduce detection and response times.

Such as:

  • User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) to detect anomalous activity
  • Network traffic analytics for real-time monitoring and log management
  • Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) to streamline responses
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence to augment human analysts

Discover the full capabilities of next-gen SIEM in our guide.