SANS Automation and Integration Survey 2019

Discover how companies are tackling common automation misconceptions and challenges

Automation can help teams improve efficiency and spend more time on activities that require human knowledge. So, why are 59 per cent of SANS survey respondents still using little to no automation of key security and incident response tasks?

The new SANS survey findings on automation and integration shed light on the misconceptions holding most organisations back from automating more security processes and what to do about it.

In the survey report, you’ll learn:

  • Common misconceptions: Discover the top misconceptions surrounding automation and integration to see if they hold true to your organisation
  • Potential risks: Understand how to work through automation challenges while considering the potential risks
  • Automation processes: Learn what key activities security teams are automating so you can identify potential gaps in your processes
  • The right platforms: Gain insight into the tools leading automation and how security teams are approaching tool integration
  • Building your playbook: Learn the basics of how to document workflows and identify areas for improvement

Download the 2019 SANS Automation and Integration Survey to discover how to bring your team, process and technology together to enhance your security operations.

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