Want to enhance your user-borne threat detection capabilities?

Discover what SANS has to say about LogRhythm CloudAI for UEBA - a tool that can help

Insider threats, compromised accounts, and administrator abuse and misuse are among the most damaging and difficult of threats to detect. User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) solutions are making it possible to detect these advanced end user threats through the discovery of new trends and behavioural patterns within the environment.

In this in-depth product review, SANS analysed LogRhythm CloudAI for UEBA to learn how it can enhance user-borne threat detection capabilities. Their review focused on several key areas:

  • Ease of use
  • Advanced investigation capabilities
  • Case management features
  • Machine learning intelligence

Download the review to read SANS’ full analysis of LogRhythm CloudAI for User and Entity Behaviour Analytics.

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